The Photographer…

Born in Liverpool, the second capital of Ireland, I graduated from the Birmingham School of Photography in 1975, started a photographic career as a photo-journalist in the UK, and relocated to Dublin to co-found Slidefile.  From 2003 to 2014  I lived on County Waterford’s Copper Coast, where I ran workshops and worked as a freelance for clients including Tourism Ireland…


I hadn’t really planned to write a book, but there were none about this county with its stunning landscape. I still don’t know why, perhaps publishers think the market is too small.

Anyway it got me thinking. I’d spent the previous twenty years shooting the Irish landscape for many book publishers, I decided to fill the gap and the “Waterford, A County Revealed” project was launched.

And not forgetting Dervla Murphy…
who wrote the foreword for me. Dervla is not only the author of over 24 adventure-travel books, but still lives in Lismore in Waterford. Above all, she has a great  appreciation for its landscape. She still travels and writes and her intriguing and informative website  can be seen here.


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